Your Role as a Tourism Business

The Network of Tourism Businesses

Our tourism industry is a vast and interwoven network of tourism businesses, industry organizations and government agencies – all working to grow and sustain a dynamic industry by fostering fresh, innovative ideas and encouraging investment to make our region even better equipped to attract more visitors, stimulate economic activity, and continue building.

Working With Tourism Vancouver Island

If you’re in the business of tourism, local and regional destination marketing organizations are your main point of contact with the tourism industry. Tourism Vancouver Island (TVI) is one of six Regional Destination Management Organizations (RDMOs) in the province representing Destination British Columbia. Its mission is to increase tourism’s economic benefits to the region and position the region as a preferred international travel destination.

TVI participates in Tourism Partner programs made available to all eligible regional tourism businesses, and embraces a Stakeholder Model that shares resources, capitalizes on industry strengths and pursues diverse and dynamic marketing initiatives. Towards promoting broader participation in marketing efforts to achieve greater impact in the marketplace, TVI works to maximize partnership opportunities with tourism associations, industry associations, chambers of commerce and other key stakeholders.

Stakeholder Model

All regional tourism-related businesses and organizations are automatically considered stakeholders without having to pay annual membership fees. Registration as a Voting or Non Voting Stakeholder is available free of charge and comes with many benefits. Learn more and register at:


Tourism Vancouver Island, in partnership with the other five RDMOs and Destination British Columbia, develop multi-year, cross-regional research initiatives. Regional research projects being implemented include stakeholder satisfaction, municipal leader and Vancouver Island resident perception of tourism surveys as well as destination awareness and intent to travel for short haul markets. Do your research at     

Stakeholder Programs


Destination British Columbia and Tourism Vancouver Island work in partnership with communities throughout the region on tourism development initiatives, including community based programs designed for groups looking to develop tourism in their area for both the long-term and short-term. For details on how to grow your community, visit


The program helps communities develop comprehensive multi-year tourism plans by providing tools, resources and customized destination and market development assistance to accommodate the needs of communities in various stages of tourism development. For program details, visit


The province-wide program provides cooperative funding for eligible tourism activities in communities throughout BC. The program is designed to assist communities that are in a position to implement their own tourism building initiatives. For program details, visit


The program provides tourism businesses and community organizations the opportunity to participate in regional marketing activities developed and managed by Tourism Vancouver Island with cooperative marketing funding provided by Destination British Columbia.

Tourism businesses further leverage their marketing dollar investments and increase consumer awareness through access to extensive distribution channels and enhanced credibility and brand recognition via regional branding and association with Super, Natural British Columbia. More details at


Tourism Vancouver Island invests in the Canadian Tourism Commission’s EQ program.  Far more comprehensive than traditional market research, the program offers psychographic details of travelers (why do people travel, what are the different types of travelers and why are they looking for different travel experiences than others). This free resource is available to help stakeholders target and reach audiences more effectively. Contact Tourism Vancouver Island to take advantage of this powerful new tool.


Vancouver Island’s Travel Trade Representative works with Destination British Columbia to plan and execute tactical strategies that secure greater opportunities for stakeholders. Trade show attendance develops relationships with tour operators, wholesalers and receptive tour operators to encourage visitation to the region and inclusion of more tourism products into their tour packages.

We encourage operators to include circle tour routes and new products in their itineraries, contributing to increased overnight stays in the region. Learn more at


The Vancouver Island Media Relations Representative works with Destination British Columbia to plan and execute tactical strategies to generate unpaid editorial coverage in high profile national and international outlets.

The representative meets with writers, journalists, photographers and bloggers to pitch story ideas, raise awareness of our unique and diverse products and to deliver consistent and unified messages to the media about the opportunities for visitors in the Vancouver Island region. Tourism Vancouver Island is always looking for fresh story ideas and products to share with journalists, tour operators and at trade shows. Learn more at

Community Involvement

Joining forces gives tourism customers more choice, and the destinations involved enjoy increased market exposure and penetration while engaging in a sustainable industry that takes into account the views and aspirations of host communities. Local support for tourism development and promotion is essential to enriching the visitor experience.

Communities engaged in the direction of tourism development are more likely to become active partners and take a particular stake in the development of the destination. Effective way to work with local communities to achieve mutual benefits include everything from hiring local people and buying locally produced goods and services to sponsoring local events and working with local partners to support projects that increase community well-being.

Tourism Advocacy

  • Vote for leadership in support of tourism
  • Get involved with your local tourism committee
  • Send letters to local newspapers on the value of tourism
  • Join your local Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)
  • Ask your MLA and MP what they’re doing to support tourism
  • Educate others about the positive economic and social impact of tourism
  • Subscribe to local destination marketing organization newsletters
  • Follow your local DMO or TVI on twitter and like them on Facebook
  • Volunteer at Tourism Vancouver Island’s Annual Conference & AGM
  • Sponsor events put on by your local destination management organization

What Stakeholders have to say:

“Aligning with our regional DMO is essential to our success. Working together we can leverage our investments to increase our impact and present a strong, consistent message to the traveller.” (Lesley Anderson, Executive Director, Destination Management, Tourism Nanaimo)

“Tourism Vancouver Island gives us a voice by promoting our island to the places we can’t reach, and their knowledgeable staff provide expertise and knowledge when we need it. It is the perfect situation for us.” (Janet Docherty, Owner, Merridale Ciderworks Corp.)

“Living Forest’s marketing success has been assisted and amplified with the help of Tourism Vancouver Island and Tourism Nanaimo, through cooperative marketing, aligned goals and ongoing educational and training opportunities – allowing us to become the region’s largest tourism accommodation.” (Scott Littlejohn, Community Engagement and Marketing Coordinator, Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV Park)

“To secure and maintain a place in today’s competitive market place, it is essential for a destination such as Vancouver Island to support and reap the benefits of a regional DMO like Tourism Vancouver Island. As a tourism stakeholder we definitely benefit from a vested interest in participating in campaigns and establishing partnerships that collaboratively work together to secure sustainability and an effective market position, based on visitor experience and profitability of tourism stakeholders on the Island.”  (Sarah Nicholson, Tourism Mount Washington)

“Powell River Parks & Wilderness Society’s Sunshine Coast Trail has benefited enormously over the years through the supportive and creative association with Tourism Powell River and Sunshine Coast Tourism.”(Eagle Walz, President Powell River Parks & Wilderness Society)