Your Role as a Vancouver Island Resident

Take Centre Stage

Tourism is everyone’s business and everyone needs to play their part by applying knowledge, expertise and resources to achieve the best outcomes for a flourishing industry and visitor economy. Whoever you are, whatever you do, tourism brings value to your way of life. If you appreciate tourism’s many perks and pluses, there are many ways to promote and support the industry to ensure its continued vitality and success. Tourism, let’s grow it together!

Be A Tourism Ambassador!

Tourism Ambassadors are passionate, motivated individuals who fulfill many roles, from government officials and front-line staff to spirited volunteers at local festivals. They believe in the potential of tourism and have made the commitment to take the necessary actions required to make tourism a dynamic, integral part of their communities. Their energy makes good things happen. Be a Tourism Ambassador and make a difference in the life of your community!

  • Volunteer at your local community events
  • Attend special events in your community
  • Get to know your local tourism operators
  • Assists tourists with directions and resources
  • Show your visiting friends and family around
  • Tell people about Vancouver Island wherever you are
  • Get active on social media sharing regional news and events

Community Involvement

Communities engaged in the direction of tourism development are more likely to become active partners and take a particular stake in the development of the destination. Effective way to work with local communities to achieve mutual benefits include everything from hiring local people and buying locally produced goods and services to sponsoring local events and working with local partners to support projects that increase community well-being.


  • Vote for leadership in support of tourism
  • Get involved with your local tourism committee
  • Send letters to local newspapers on the value of tourism
  • Join your local Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)
  • Ask your MLA and MP what they’re doing to support tourism
  • Educate others about the positive economic and social impact of tourism
  • Subscribe to local destination marketing organization newsletters
  • Follow your local DMO or TVI on twitter and like them on Facebook
  • Volunteer at Tourism Vancouver Island’s Annual Conference & AGM
  • Sponsor events put on by your local destination management organization