Your Role as an Economic Development Agency

BC's Changing Economy

Tourism and economic development go hand in hand. Tourism depends upon and grows the same essential ingredients that make our communities desirable. Things like quality of life and extended infrastructure. Tourism talks the same talk with economic development efforts to attract investment, stimulate jobs, draw new residents and showcase our region to others. Tourism links directly to sectors and industries such as agriculture, construction and transportation.

Economic Development Can Do So Much!

BC’s economy is changing from relying on single resources to taking advantage of emerging opportunities like tourism. Tourism is a big engine for growth. Tourism attracts and holds onto younger residents that love the island lifestyle.

Work with the creative assets tourism develops. Extend the messaging that makes us all amazing when you look to workforce, resident and investment attraction. Imagine how powerful the economy could be if we all worked under a common brand.

Actions you can take to power economic alignment and growth through tourism:

  • Incorporate tourism messaging in your communications
  • Incorporate tourism into your economic development plan
  • Support tourism investment in your community
  • Work with your local Destination Marketing Organization on collaborative messaging
  • Have a dedicated staff member, committee or team that focuses specifically on tourism
  • Support policy that supports tourism
  • Collaborate with the resource extraction industry on land use
  • Promote tourism careers opportunities with workforce and resident attraction
  • Promote tourism careers opportunities and tourism amenities in resident relocation packages
  • Use Festivals and Events to attract visitors and improve quality of life for residents
  • Provide information on tourism investment opportunities in your community
  • Facilitate meetings with tourism product developers