Your Role as Government

Joining Forces For Success

BC’s economy is changing. Communities have experienced decline in natural resource based industries resulting in fewer jobs and struggling local business.  This change has forced more residents to leave their communities in search of greater financial security. Tourism can strengthen vulnerable local economies, making them less reliant on single traditional base industries. Tourism also impacts commercial and residential development by acting as a “shop window” for the region’s lifestyle and attracting visitors to return as residents, increasing demand for housing and other services. Tourism builds a more diverse economic base and reduces reliance on traditional industries. That’s especially good for rural communities.

Investing in Tourism-Related Projects

Investing in tourism-related projects is a key provincial strategy and priority.  Put your community on the map and energize the local economy by supporting tourism for all it’s worth. Together, many groups, agencies and organizations are working to build and sustain an industry that fosters fresh ideas and innovative investment designed to make our region even better equipped to attract more visitors and stimulate economic activity.

Working together pools precious resources and ensures communities and businesses complement each other, rather than competing unnecessarily, to achieve tourism’s potential by giving the industry tools, skills and funding to deliver world-class visitor experiences.

Tourism injects new dollars into our economy, generates thousands of good paying jobs and attracts innovative investment. Tourism contributes tax dollars to essential services that communities may not otherwise afford.

Actions You Can Take...

  • Incorporate tourism into your Official Community Plan
  • Develop a dedicated Tourism Plan for your community
  • Support tourism investment in your community
  • Develop policy that encourages and supports tourism growth
  • Include tourism when doing community input and visioning sessions
  • Work with your local Destination Marketing Organization on collaborative messaging
  • Have a dedicated staff member, committee or team that focuses specifically on tourism development, marketing and projects
  • Collaborate with the resource extraction industry on  land use
  • Promote tourism careers opportunities with workforce and resident attraction
  • Promote tourism career opportunities and tourism amenities in resident relocation packages
  • Use Festivals and Events to attract visitors and improve quality of life for residents
  • Invest in infrastructure that supports tourism
  • Support your Destination Marketing Organization through funding
  • Support the development of locally distinctive products – a ‘made local’ brand. This brand can be applied to a range of goods and services, giving the products higher value and giving the tourist more information and satisfaction.
  • Create sales venues or market places and spaces that are welcoming to locals and visitors. Areas with shade, sale of drinks and locally branded products.

Be A Tourism Ambassador

Tourism Ambassadors are passionate, motivated individuals who fulfill many roles, from government officials and front-line staff to spirited volunteers at local festivals. They believe in the potential of tourism and have made the commitment to take the necessary actions required to make tourism a dynamic, integral part of their communities. Their energy makes good things happen. Be a tourism ambassador and make a difference in your community!

  • Volunteer at your local special events
  • Attend special events in your community
  • Get to know your local tourism operators
  • Assists tourists with directions and resources
  • Show your visiting friends and family around
  • Tell people about Vancouver Island wherever you are
  • Get active on social media sharing regional news and events